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March Update releases then drops the ball

rocket league developer delivers march update for linux mac windows pc

March Update for Rocket League releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. This is also the last update for native support, thanks to Psyonix. That is if you own the game through Humble Store or Steam.

The March Update will be the final update for Linux and Mac versions of Rocket League. Therefore, If you have played the game on Linxu or Mac, you can request a refund through Steam. Humble Store also offers a 60 day return refund. Although I’m sure most people have owned the game longer.
While the Steam refunds requests must be received by June 10, 2020. Visit the support article for more information on functionality and refunds.

In that support post, there is the following statement: “If you play Rocket League on Linux. You can try Steam’s Proton app or Wine. These tools are not officially supported by Psyonix.”
This March Update is to me is the biggest disappointment for Linux. What’s funny though, the support article includes a link to WineHQ. Meaning, that Psyonix are dropping the ball and rubbing it in. Completely dismissing native support. Likely due to development costs on Linux distros and Mac. Then compare that to the lower market share and sales. We’ve all heard this story before.

The March Update does bring a new Series of items to Blueprints and the Item Shop. There is more coming next week for a full reveal. There’s more content coming to Rocket League in the coming weeks. So there will be more new content ready for later this spring. Although, it’s going to be interesting to how Proton support functions.

March Update for Rocket League will feature:

  • Blueprint Trade-Ins – Players will be able to trade in five Blueprints. Doing so from the same series and rarity for a higher rarity Blueprint.
  • Dynamic Range Controls For Game Audio – Dynamic Range Presets of Medium (Default), Low (Night), and High (Theater). They will also be available in the “Audio” tab within Options.
  • Final Mac and Linux Update – The March Update will be the last update for Rocket League on Mac and Linux (MacOS and Linux players can request a refund through Steam up until June 10, 2020).
  • New In-Game Content – A new Blueprint Series and Item Shop Items will be revealed soon! Plus, additional content will be rolling out throughout Spring.
  • Various Quality of Life Improvements

Psyonix releases the March Update today for Rocket League. This is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. As for your purchase going forward, it’s up to you. But the games available on Humble Store and Steam. Should you want to test Proton support.

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