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Mari and Bayu – The Road Home needs help

mari and bayu - the road home co-op platform adventure game needs help for linux with windows pc

Mari and Bayu – The Road Home co-op platform adventure game needs help for Linux with Windows PC. Due to the work and creativity of developer Skinny Bandit. Which is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Size doesn’t matter if you have courage and heart. Since that’s what you’ll discover in Mari and Bayu – The Road Home. Which is a vibrant yet cute game on Windows PC. However, there is hope for Linux.

For the moment we don’t have any plans for Linux. But if enough people request it we’ll look into it.

This is the comment in the Steam Discussions. While the lack of plans can be discouraging, the request option is not. Due to offer Linux gamers a glimmer of hope. Since PID Games and Skinny Bandit are eager to announce the release of the game. This would be a very charming and unique game on the Steam Deck. And a good time grab a few more comments.

Mari and Bayu – The Road Home | Trailer

Key Features:

  • A solo or two player co-op experience – You can either play as both character when playing solo. You can also choose between each character when playing in co-op mode. Enjoy 2 different gameplay styles, each having their own perks.
  • Solve puzzles, surf the wind on feathers, ride grasshoppers, and interact with fellow insects. Due to use your setting to your advantage by using Bayu’s wind powers.
  • Explore an awe inspiring artistic 2D world – Mari & Bayu: The Road Home mixes top class art with in engine magic, to create a vibrant and responsive world for you to enjoy.
  • Discover a rich and unique environment – Experience the world through the perspective of an ant. Within every human footstep are great adventures and dangers for small insects to overcome. From the deep dark puddles, fly swatters, and scorching piles of garbage to monsters that are desperate to get rid of you. Discover a total of 12 different and unique settings.

Mari and Bayu – The Road Home is co-op platform adventure game. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Priced at $11.69 USD / £9.26 / 11,69€, including the 10% discount. Releasing on Windows PC, but does hold hope for Linux.

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