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Maritime Calling nautical RPG seeks funding

maritime calling nautical roguelike rpg seeks funding on kickstarter for linux mac and windows pc

Maritime Calling nautical roguelike RPG seeks funding on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Tiamat Games. Who are working to raise €18,000 ($21,383 USD) in the next 28 days of the crowdfunding campaign.

After years of pouring every ounce of blood, sweat, and passion into this nautical roguelike RPG. Maritime Calling is the product of indie developer Tiamat Games. Who finally see success looming on the horizon. In the new video below, the Tiamat crew explains the journey that led them to this point. From the trying task of running an indie studio amidst a global pandemic. While working on every detail of the in-game ship. Right down to the last squeaky floorboard as a sense of accuracy in this singleplayer.

In the age of sail, Maritime Calling takes place in a time when life was often bleak. It can also be dangerous and terrifying. The new video details this parallel with the team members. Including the creative and technical teams at Tiamat.

As for Linux support, there are details that should be mentioned. This comes directly via the Tiamat comment on Steam when asked about Linux.

Yes, most likely it [Linux] will be shipped alongside PC and Mac release.

Along with the new video, the Kickstarter campaign has a modest goal of €18,000 ($21,383 USD). Working to gain the support of fans passionate about sailing, history, and gaming. While combining all three into a gripping roguelike RPG.

Maritime Calling Kickstarter video

Inspiring a sense of adventure akin to Master and Commander. Pairing this with the crew management elements of FTL: Faster Than Light. This is where Maritime Calling offers a more unique roguelike sailing game. At least for those eager to see what’s beyond the horizon.
Therefore, as a ship’s captain, you’ll manage everything from stem to stern. You’ll also oversee the well being of your crew, survive deadly oceanic hazards, and explore uncharted lands. All while you making your way through a procedurally generated map. With a design due to keeping every playthrough fresh and exciting. Including dark and dangerous waters. Along with amazing island paradises and clashes with rival adventurers.


  • Take the Helm, Captain: Steering a ship back in the day was a smidge more involved than motorboats of today. It’s the Maritime Calling player’s job to prep the sails. So be sure to measure for wind direction. Avoid any rocky crags sticking out of the water. There’s are a lot of accuracies to ship control here.
  • It’s a Sailor’s Life For Me: Create day to day shifts for the crew. Order them to plug any leaky holes in the hull and resolve quarrels among them. So you have to make sure everyone gets their fair share of provisions (and booty!). Life at sea can be exhausting, so managing the crew’s mood is essential to survival. Don’t feel bad about bossing everyone around. This is the captain’s job after all!
  • Inland Expeditions: Traveling into enchanting islands go hand in hand with this sort of work. Delve into long forgotten, gripping mysteries of these untamed lands. All in classic text adventure styled quests!
  • Master and Roleplayer: The more players sail the seven seas, the easier it gets. With successful voyages comes the chance to sink experience points into the crew’s traits. So you can upgrade specific skills that could help with Maritime Calling land voyages.

Exploring and Procedural Maps:

  • The World is An Oyster, so Pry it Open: These undiscovered countries are just waiting for players to explore them. And also exploit their riches!
  • An Ever Changing World: The map shifts with each playthrough thanks to procedural map and terrain creation engine. There could be a beautiful coral reef in a region on one playthrough. And the next, a violent tropical storm.

Maritime Calling is due to be available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam in Q3 2021. However the nautical roguelike RPG is getting traction on Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. So check it out and also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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