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Marko: Beyond Brave metroidvania is fully funded

marko: beyond brave 2d hand drawn metroidvania game is fully funded on kickstarter for linux and windows pc

Marko: Beyond Brave 2D hand-drawn metroidvania game is fully funded on Kickstarter for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign for developer Studio Mechka. Due to make its way onto Steam on February 2022.

Due to the support of 639 backers on Kickstarter. Now independent game developer Studio Mechka has raised $26,466 USD exceeding his goal of $18,500 USD. Due to fully develop the game Marko: Beyond Brave. Since it is inspired by classic cartoons and Balkan folklore and developed using Unreal Engine 4.

Studio Mechk develops Marko with the plan to release on Steam. Including support for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Since development offers a focus on quality. This is why the game will very likely not release on all platforms at the same. The primary focus will be for a release on Windows PC first, followed by Linux.

We would definitely have a Linux port!

Marko: Beyond Brave is an atmospheric 2D hand-drawn metroidvania. All taking inspiration by classic cartoons and Balkan folklore. Beautifully hand drawn and animated. While being developed using Unreal Engine 4 and lots of passion for the action adventure genre.

Marko: Beyond Brave Kickstarter Trailer

The world of Marko: Beyond Brave comes to life in vivid and moody detail. Since its bringing the scenes alive with mystical and terrifying creatures. Each animated by hand in a traditional 2D style. So that every new area you’ll discover is beautifully unique and strange. Also teeming with new creatures and characters to discover. The world of Marko is one worth exploring just to take in the sights. So you can discover new wonders hidden off of the beaten path.

Marko: Beyond Brave on reaching the second stretch goal. Due to feature a new boss: Baba Yaga. A distinctive figure in slavic myth and a new zone.


  • Hand-drawn 2D animation style
  • Huge sprawling map
  • Over 10 unique skills and abilities
  • Hidden treasures to discover
  • Over 25 bosses and 100+ unique enemies

The success of the Marko: Beyond Brave Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will help the developers. Due to create and produce the game on Steam for Windows PC and Linux.

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