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Marko: Beyond Brave metroidvania to seek funding

marko: beyond brave atmospheric metroidvania games due to start funding for linux and windows pc

Marko: Beyond Brave atmospheric metroidvania games due to start funding for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to details from independent game developer Studio Mechka. Gearing up to make a debut on Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign later this week.

Marko: Beyond Brave Kickstarter funding starts on July 13th at 12PM GMT (8:00 am EST). To due raise funds to continue development on the 2D atmospheric hand drawn Metroidvania game. A title that also takes inspiration from classic cartoons and Balkan folklore. All developed using Unreal Engine 4. Not only is the game coming to Windows PC, but Linux as well.

We would definitely have a Linux port! We see so many people excited about our project, that we cannot exclude anyone from enjoying it!

Marko: Beyond Brave Linux release date is not clear, of course. Since a lot depends on the success of the Kickstarter campaign. However, it’s a pleasure to see Studio Mechka confirming Linux support. Obviously, Mechka is confident in their work. Check out the campaign trailer below.

Marko: Beyond Brave Kickstarter Trailer

Marko: Beyond Brave is an atmospheric Metroidvania. Which is all hand drawn and animated. Developed with a lot of passion focusing on the action adventure genre. The character art is also interesting, as are the animations. The world certainly comes to life in vivid yet moody detail. While every scenes comes with mystical and grim creatures. Offering over 10 unique skills and abilities. All due to help players make it through this unstable world.

Marko: Beyond Brave Kickstarter Trailer

Every new area you’ll discover is both unique and strange. Not to mention teeming with new creatures and characters to discover. The world of Marko: Beyond Brave is one worth exploring. Since you will new wonders hidden off of the beaten path.

Find hidden treasures, legendary items, and crumbling pillars. All in the midst of undoing an ancient story. Discover over 10 unique skills and abilities that will help you make it through the world.


  • Hand drawn 2D animation style
  • Huge sprawling map
  • Over 10 unique skills and abilities
  • Hidden treasures to discover
  • Over 25 bosses and 100+ unique enemies

Every section of the world offers various tests and hurdles. Learn how to crush your enemies with a single blow. While you jump and dash across huge caverns. End your foes with a vast array of attacks. Marko: Beyond Brave is a content rich type of game unlike any other.

The Marko: Beyond Brave Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will help the dev’s add more content and produce the game. All due to release on Linux, Windows PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. So be sure to hit that notice button on Kickstarter.