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Mars or Die tower defense could see support

mars or die tower defense could see linux support

Mars or Die is a brand new tower defense and roguelite coming to Window, but maybe Linux too via Steam. Developer 34BigThings have issued some feedback for their upcoming title. Which is actually quite good and proves to be challenging.

Linux support:

“I don’t think we’ll port the game on Linux honestly, but it really depends on how the game performs before launch in terms of wishlists and visibility.”

So this is somewhat objective. There is also hope in the mix, depending on the demand. This is also an Unreal Engine 4 title, which typically means a more lengthy wait for Linux. But the Discussion thread is there, so show that Tux Love.

But the gameplay is both challenge, the music hilarious and the commentator, audible. Well you can understand what is going as the games tells you what to do. Hence the objectives.
While the actually gameplay scenario changes up at every round. So you don’t play the same map or area. Having to collect resources, setup up your defenses and of course keep the oxygen level up.

Mars or Die mixes key elements from tower defense and roguelite games. While generating a strategic combo of tactical planning, execution and reflexes. That which is unique to the genre. Two intrepid explorers are sent on Mars by their Supremely Illuminated Leader. Doing so in order to expand their regime to the stars.

So gameplay design is to afford exploration and bubble-like base building. While having to resist hordes of red martians. All in honour of the Supremely Illuminated Leader. Red is the color of conquest – the Supreme Leader calls. Check out the crazy trailer below.

Mars or Die tower defense Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux)


  • Action Packed – Switch between our two characters for some fast dual stick action
  • Challenging – Gather -> Build -> Explore -> Fight -> Upgrade. None of these steps is easy!
  • Long lasting mission mode – Excel with primary and secondary objectives in 9 missions
  • Endless Mode – Try your best strategy against the endless hordes. Usually just a gimmick to add “cheap” content, Endless Mode is where Mars or Die really shines!
  • Humor – Follow religiously the incoherent babbling of your Glorious Leader!
  • Upgrades! – Upgrade every structure, character or support feature to last even longer!

Steam Page

Mars or Die is already listed on Steam for Windows on July 13th, 2018. While Linux support is in the Discussion comments. So you can show that Tux Love.

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