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Marshmallow Game Engine – Retro style gaming on Linux

Submitted by gamaral on Tue, 08/30/2011 – 11:17

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard about Marshmallow (@marshmallow_h), what?… no… Well this is your lucky day.

I, like most of you, grew up with some awesome gaming platforms like the Atari, NES and SNES – games back then not only had 8 bit and 16 bit graphics (a huge tecnical achievement), but they also had heart (not like Today; darn kids running in my open 3D environment lawn wearing space marine social-networking gold farmer suits).

Games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros (1 & 3 – not SMB 2, that was as relevant as Starfox Adventures was to the Starfox franchise), Chrono Trigger and Custer’s Revenge still make me all tingly inside. Yes, you can still play all these gems using emulators, but no new games popup (with the exception of a few retro homebrew games now and then)

This is where Marshmallow Game Engine fits in, since I like retro/old-school games, I decided to make a game engine that focuses (but is not limited to) that era of gaming. With all core development done on Linux, you can bet to see new awesome retro style games spring up soon. Other supported platforms include Windows (sorry) and Mac OSX (what is the hipster word for sorry… srry?). We will also target a few mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

How can I help?
Glad you asked, if your interested in game development, please don’t be shy and email me ([email protected]), join me on IRC #marshmallow_h @ freenode or clone our GitHub repository:

No special skillz necesery, void where prohibited.

If you just want to share some game demo ideas, you’re welcome in our IRC channel!

Want to beta test? what are you waiting for, start building!

You are a ninja with documentation, fire up your wordperfect!

You want to learn more about C++? There are some pretty good books out there (just kidding, clone the repo already!).

You like LUA scripting? you will have to wait till I finish adding that feature 😉

This baby is BSD licensed, so feel free to use it to make your own games (open or closed source), just remember to donate one of your many billions to the project when you make it big. 😉

More Information
Info Page:

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