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Marvelous Marbles uses your imagination

marvelous marbles physics simulation game launches on linux and windows pc

Marvelous Marbles physics simulation game launches on Linux and Windows PC. This is the result of the work and creativity of developer Mindemia. Available now on Steam with a discount.

Build marble runs where your imagination is the only limit. Build, watch and even race marbles down the slopes. Doing so in single-player or via shared / split screen PvP on Linux.

Pick from a variety of shapes and materials. The snapping system also makes it easy and quick to put everything together in Marvelous Marbles. Use mechanical gadgets to lift, push, and steer your marbles. Can’t find the right piece? Then you can build your own! Marvelous Marbles is meant to be modded. And it also comes with Steam Workshop integration for easy sharing.

Marvelous Marbles Teaser

Be the marble. If you want an extra challenge you can race through your creations. Steer the marble and try to avoid obstacles. Also have a friend nearby? Race against each other in Marvelous Marbles like in real life. But move those expensive vases out of the way, first. Will you dare follow a marble down your creations?

If you have a VR headset, put it on and experience even more immersion. I’m interested to see of Linux players have full functionality in VR like in real life. So comment below.

Marvelous Marbles was also developed on Linux.

Will you dare follow a marble down your creations?


  • Over 50 different pieces to build with, across 3 distinct styles.
  • A multitude of balls of various colors and styles in Marvelous Marbles.
  • Switches, lifts and other mechanical objects.
  • Moddable.

Get started easily with the snap in place system. Turn it off when you want to go beyond the trodden path. Then sit back and relax while watching balls zip through the tracks. Doing so with the automatic camera system.

Marvelous Marbles physics simulation game launches on Steam. Priced at $10.07 USD / £8.49 / 9,94€ including the 37% discount. Along with support for both Linux and Windows PC.

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