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Mashinky transport strategy support plans

mashinky transport strategy game support plans for linux mac windows pc

Mashinky transport strategy is available for Windows PC, but we have the games support plans for Linux and Mac. Thanks to developer
Jan Zelený. Since the game is still going strong on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. And the reviews are a solid 75% Positive

Mashinky is the multi-awarded transport strategy game about trains. Available on Early Access. Likewise, the game is upgraded with the Stamp Update. Due to receive a Road Vehicles Update on October 6th.
The game has been in Early Acces since October 6th, 2018. With a full release scheduled for 2020. So naturally, we asked about Linux support.

Linux Support:

Regarding to Linux port. There is, unfortunately, no fixed schedule for this. And I will be considering other platforms right after full release (2020). Since Linux and mac are the top candidates.
Currently, the game is PC Windows Steam only. And the reason is mainly due to a custom engine used. I’ve been creating engine and game with future other platforms port in mind. So it could be doable by replacing some wrappers inside.

The only info I have right now is that Mashinky in playable via Wine on Linux. But without official support atm.

Which is true, there is a ProtonDB listing. Currently at a Silver rating. Likely due to the custom game engine being used for development.
While Mashinky has been in Early Access for almost a year. The game also deserves some love. Previously holding an 86% Very Positive review score.
Besides that, native Linux and Mac support is coming. And at this time, there is no official date for the full release. But you can try your luck with Proton.

Mashinky – Road vehicles

Mashinky is a strategy game. The goal is to create your own train empire on a procedurally generated map. Which features realistic graphics combined with an isometric construction mode. While including board game like rules.

Apart from integrating Mashinky in the Steam Workshop. The new Stamp Update allows you to easily change your creation. So you can reuse, create and share your railway parts. It also contains text sharing and dynamic thumbnails. Since this helps you easily adapt this into your stamp-deck.

Likewise, the upcoming Road Vehicles Update will introduce vehicles. Bringing cars, buses and trucks to the world of Mashinky. Unlock new vehicles as you progress through different eras. Connect towns and cities driving through roads and highways. You can also take a ride in one of your road vehicles.

The simulation game challenges players with building and managing a railway company. Laying down tracks on a procedurally generated terrain. Researching and buying vehicles. Transporting passengers and cargo in the challenging Mashinky. Construction mode will take players into an isometric view. Since this allows you to easily build a railway network. While the rest of the game takes place in a beautiful 3D world.

Mashinky transport strategy is available on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $24.99 USD. With a build available for Windows PC. And Linux support plans, expect a debut after the full release. With unofficial support for Steam Play.