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Master of Orion gets major update and now mod support

Master of Orion gets major update and now mod support

Since the #20thanniversary of Master of Orion 2, WG Labs and NGD Studios #announced that the latest update for Master of Orion is available. This update provides a #betterplayerexperience across the board which is also free, of course.

Discover Master of Orion as it was always meant to be: A fully orchestrated score, interstellar warfare and exploration against the backdrop of beautifully animated far flung galaxies. Confront hostile civilisation, negotiate with mysterious aliens, share knowledge with allies and uncover this newly imagined universe.

This later update offers a ton of changes, this includes improvements to the artificial intelligence, tactical combat and some of the controls. There is nothing really Linux specific here, but are changes to he user interface and gameplay mechanics. The latter drastically impacts both gravity and pollution, plus improved death cinematics and even polished animations.

Master of Orion 2 features you will find:

  • All 10 original Master of Orion races, brought to life through compelling AI and award-winning voice acting talent
  • Over 75 researchable technological advancements
  • Vast galaxies featuring up to a 100 different solar systems, each composed of myriad planets and stars
  • Customizable ships with diverse styles for each race
  • Multiple ways to win – including conquest, technological, diplomatic, and more
  • Enthralling gameplay that will have you saying “just one more turn” again and again

The most anticipated part of this update is the modding support to Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars. This means that players are able to create, share and install modifications using the Steam Workshop. This update is set to change gameplay drastically, while allowing players to customize as they see fit. While the modifications in Workshop are limited, it has been announced that more will be released.
For the full list of changes, read the patch notes on Steam.

Anyone on the fence about playing Master of Orion can check out the official website.