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Masterplan Tycoon casual builder needs you

masterplan tycoon game is casual builder that needs your help for linux with mac and windows pc

Masterplan Tycoon game is casual builder that needs your help for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Which is the unique creative effort of developer Bureau Bravin. Trying to make its way onto Steam in the new year.

Masterplan Tycoon is a unique real-time strategy game. Due to task players with building interconnected chains of resources. Doing so in a minimalist visual style. The game is expected to release on Steam in Q1 2023.

We do have a Demo version for Linux, but we can’t promise the main release right now.
Hope things will go well and we’ll be able to launch on Linux as well.

This statement comes directly from a developer reply in the forum. Since Masterplan Tycoon is developed in Unity 3D, there is a free demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is available on itch.
However, it appears that native support is not 100% yet. But the Demo does give further insight into the gameplay. Should you want to show some Tux Luv on the Steam Forum thread.

Masterplan Tycoon – Gameplay Trailer

In Masterplan Tycoon, real-time strategy and management sim where fans will build interconnected production chains. Due to deliver products to their intended destinations. Nodes are buildings, pins are contact points between them, and links are supply lines. The game will schematically depict all of these elements. While allowing players to focus on managing their flow of resources.

Mistakes won’t be penalized. Masterplan Tycoon will prioritize relaxation and immersion through learning. The game is intuitive from the beginning. But prepare players for more complex logistical tests later on.

Key features:

  • Supply chains must be configured in particular ways and can’t cross buildings. The more nodes you have, the harder it is to connect them.
  • The game immerses you in its core mechanics and opens the world gradually.
  • The main test of the game is to colonize all available territories. While creating the largest system you can ever imagine.
  • You will not encounter a situation where you have to start the game over due to mistakes you made along the way.

Masterplan Tycoon casual builder will launch on Steam in Q1 2023. But there is a free Linux, Mac, and Windows PC Demo on itch. You can also Wishlist the game on Steam.