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Masters of the Seven Seas debuts for Nantucket

masters of the seven seas debuts for nantucket on linux mac windows pc

Masters of the Seven Seas DLC debuts for Nantucket on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Picaresque Studio. The new content releases on both Steam and GOG.

It’s time to become the most renowned whaling master. While Picaresque Studio and Fish Eagle release Nantucket DLC “Masters of the Seven Seas”

With Nantucket already on the seas. Masters of the Seven Seas gives a new challenge to the players. Also releasing a new Game Mode and a bunch of new features. There’s no better time to get back to Nantucket. And also explore the new DLC.

Before you do. Also have a look at the latest gameplay video.

Nantucket: Masters of the Seven Seas DLC – Launch Trailer

Set sail around the world and face historical whaling captains. While you make your way through the brand new expansion for Nantucket.

Masters of the Seven Seas introduces the Challenge Mode. A new game mode set in a new cylindrical map of the whole world. Including randomized whaling areas, new cities to visit and new events.

Select your captain, choose your game length. Compete against other nine captains across the Seven Seas. While you become the most renowned whaling master. Well, one of the Masters of the Seven Seas, obviously.


  • Challenge mode: a new game mode with no story to complete. But 9 captains to defeat in order to become the most renowned whaling captain.
  • Whole world map: a new cylindrical map unlocks new routes. With the chance to sail around the globe.
  • Randomized whaling areas: thousands of possible combinations to make every game a different challenge.
  • New cities: visit Cochin, in British India, and Taiji, in Japan. All in your new travels across the Indian Ocean.
  • Historical captains: meet Obed Starbuck and Donald Manson. With many other rather historical protagonists of the XIX century whaling history.
  • New events: more than 100 new events to interact with the other captains during your race with them.

Masters of the Seven Seas DLC debuts for Nantucket. Priced at $5.99 USD / £4.79 / €4.99 is available via Steam and GOG. Which happens to have a 10% discount for the first week of sale. Releasing for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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