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Mastertronic plays host to amazing games in this weeks Humble Weekly Bundle


Mastertronic and the Humble Weekly Bundle are offering 14 PC #games in total, including four for #Linux and Mac to support the charity organizations, GamesAid and SpecialEffect, and of course, the developers.

Like what you see? Pay above the average to score four bonus treats from the Mastertronic Steam catalogue – Concursion, 10 Second Ninja, 0RBITALIS and Over 9000 Zombies! These games ordinarily carry an ample price tag of up to $126.86 but in The Humble Weekly Bundle, you pick the price!

So, games like Montague’s Mount, The Shopkeeper, The Chaos Engine, Blast Em, all support Linux, Mac, Windows, and DRM-free downloads. Blast Em (with source code), May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville, Richard & Alice, and Speedball 2 HD are Windows PC only.

Cough up more than the average ($3.62 at time of writing) to also receive Concursion, 10 Second Ninja, 0rbitalis (Early Access) and Over 9000 Zombies (Early Access). And there are several with DRM free downloads on offer.

Delve as deep as $15 or more will award you early access to top experiential game Dream and explosive action shooter Tango Fiesta, both due to be launched in full this year. Plus we’ll include the illustrious dungeon crawler Runers for good measure!

Delve as deep as $15 or more and get Tango Fiesta (Early Access), Dream (Early Access) and Runers. And we have reported news that Tango Fiesta and Over 9000 Zombies will be making a Linux debut after the Mac and Windows PC release.

As ever, you choose how proceeds are split between organisers, charity and developers. Head on over to Humble Bundle to take advantage.


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