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Max Gentlemen coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC this week

Organ Trail creator The Men Who Wear Many Hats will release its free, “old timey arcade action” #game called Max Gentlemen on August 21, the developer recently announced for mobile devices and Linux, Mac, Windows PC.

The game was funded via Kickstarter last year. Although the core experience is #free, players can choose to purchase extra characters and levels. It also offers cross-platform local multiplayer to compete against friends. In Max Gentlemen, players will collect and stack hats in a Victorian-era world, mixed with “the over-the-top, pile-drive-your-mom aesthetics of professional wrestling.”

“When you drink a beer, a hat will fly upon your head, because you deserve it (for being so manly),” the game’s description reads.

Max Gentlemen was inspired by a spam email for penis pills received by a member of the dev team. Speaking with Polygon via email, designer Ryan Wiemeyer said the team began breaking down the traits of a “Max Gentlemen.”

“We decided that they are extreme manner gentlemen,” Wiemeyer told Polygon. “Take the showboating and extreme attitude of profession wrestlers and mix them with Victorian era gentlemen. BOOM. You’ve got a Max Gentlemen.

“We started dreaming up all the extreme things they could do. They open doors for old ladies and rip the door off the handle. They flex and their shirts explode, and they are covered in polite tattoos like ‘Manners.’ They go to the hat shop, and they wear many many hats.”

Although early concepts for Max Gentlemen were unsuccessful, it was later turned into a drinking game for a game jam, and then finally a full product. The game will be available for Linux, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PC. For a complete breakdown on the game, check out the trailer above.

Reblogged from: polygon