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Max Gentlemen is out now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

One day #OrganTrail developer The Men Who Wear Many Hats received a solicitous e-mail about penis pills. The subject heading: Max Gentlemen. Clearly, the two-person team (they wear many hats, after all) just had to make a game based on this preposterous phrase.

“We never read that e-mail; instead we dreamt up the world of Max Gentlemen,” the developer explained on its successful Kickstarter from last November. So what does the phrase “Max Gentlemen” mean to The Men Who Wear Many Hats?

It gave the studio the idea to make “an arcade-style extreme manners simulator about stacking hats.” Lots of hats. So. Many. Hats.

This takes the form of a variety of mini-games where you’re brawling, picnicking, stagecoach riding, and flying out of a cannon all in an effort to procure more hats, while avoiding obstacles that will topple your stack.

Initially developed for an arcade cabinet in a game jam, the experimental joke game got lots of positive feedback, so the Chicago-based indie studio crowdfunded it into a commercial release.

Now Max Gentlemen is out as a free offering on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, Mac via Steam, as well as on iOS and Android devices.

If you’d like to support The Men Who Wear Many Hats monetarily, you can always buy more items and stages in a couple of small £1.99 DLC packs. These include new characters like Octodad and Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail as a dapper bear.

Max Gentlemen is out now on Steam free

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