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MDickie Tackles Game Development in Newest Game


Indie developer Mat Dickie, best known for his series of PC-based wrestling titles, has turned his attention to game development – or rather a game about the process of developing games. The outspoken indie developer has created a game called “Under Development” which lets players try their hand at developing games. The game uses a lot of components from his wrestling games, such as negotiating contracts, rankings for games and game companies, and more.

Here’s an excerpt from a massive preview of the game on his official site:

“Underneath the detailed new visuals, the game itself is deceptively simple. The engine is driven by 6 basic statistics that are largely consistent across projects, hardware, and characters. Design translates into gameplay and reflects how fun a game is to play. Programming, by comparison, is a measure of sophistication and results in a game that will stand the test of time. Visuals are separated into 2D Graphics and 3D Graphics, with the latter taking a long time to become the common feature that it is today. It does still feature in 2D games though, where there can be the “suggestion” of 3D via isometric displays, etc. Likewise, 3D games are not without the 2D workload of texturing and presentation. The content and visuals are then topped off by Sound and Music, which again are distinct but equally important qualities that no decent game can overlook entirely…”

You can read more about the game here. Dickie may face some challenges from game and console makers for using their names, logos and copyrighted images in gameplay. To see what I’m talking about check out the gameplay video.

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