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Me Vs You action game kicks off in Early Access

me vs you third person action game kicks into early access for windows pc with linux plans

Me Vs You third person action game kicks into Early Access for Windows PC but has Linux plans. According to developer Amped Horizon. Which is now available via Steam.

Me Vs You is the result of indie game geveloper from Austria. Who just release the title into Early Access, due to take on a year of development. While players the chase each other for World First Achievements. Oh yes, it’s a complete challenge full of mayhem in each arena.

However, Linux support is already in the plans, according to Amped Horizon:

The Unity Game Engine is used to develop Me Vs You. At the moment we plan to release a Linux version once we get out of Early Access (soonest end of 2022).

This translates into, you can play via Proton until the Linux release in 2022. Since this is a great game to hone your third person action skills for Valheim. Or maybe you have some skills want to dominate friends.

Me Vs You – Early Access Trailer

Me Vs You is a competitive game where you take on challenges in unique Arenas. Each one will require a different skill set to master them. The Arenas are either prebuilt (Challenges) or customized (using of randomization and/or Procedural Level Generation). Since this helps to avoid letting players just memorizing the “flow”. Giving each level its own advantage. Of course, the game can be played alone or against friends. Giving you a chance to practice before facing off in PvP gameplay.

The vision of Me Vs You is to provide a game that is purely skill based. All while allowing you to constantly improve your skills. Then find your skill-cap and measure them against others. Early Access is crucial to achieving the vision as the balancing (needs to be really easy but hard to master) won’t be possible without feedback. During Early Access the game will get improvements, new challenges, and content. This is all based on the player feedback. Due to offering a balanced and smoothly running game at release.

Currently available Arena types:

  • Speedrun
  • Encounter
  • Archery Golf
  • Duel
  • Hunting Ground
  • Shooting Range

The content due to be in the full version:

  • “The following content is planned for the full version:
  • At least 10 unique arenas (current version: 6)
  • At least 69 Achievements/Skill Challenges (current version: 18)
  • Additional prebuilt Arena Maps
  • More Arena Variations

Me Vs You is a great game to practice third person action. Mind you, you can only play on Windows PC right now via Steam Early Access. But the game runs well via Linux using Proton. All priced at $14.39 USD minus the 10% discoun until October 1st.

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