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Mechajammer turn-based RPG offers a new Demo

mechajammer turn-based RPG offers a new demo on mac and windows pc the games due to release on linux

Mechajammer turn-based RPG offers a new Demo on Mac and Windows PC, with the games release due on Linux. Thanks to the ongoing creative efforts of developer Whalenought Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Mechajammer demo for Dreamhack Beyond. Since this lets you immerse yourself in a dystopian cyberpunk reality. All taking inspiration from low-tech, analog worlds featured in 80’s sci-fi action movies. Explore, interact and fight your way out of the hellhole you find yourself in. Which plays exceptionally well via Proton 6.3-5.

This demo will introduce you to the character creator, combat, and dialogue mechanics. While offering a glimpse into what dangers are out to get you on Calitana.

Mechajammer is a CRPG with strong tabletop roots but with a precise, peculiar take on the genre. The base of the game is an immersive sim (like an isometric Deus Ex). So that players will freely choose how to face different tactical situations. Stealth is always an option, as is party based combat.

The combat system sports a powerful twist as turns to take place at the same time. Allowing for interrupts, quick reactions, and, 20in general. An experience that feels like real-time. With the rules of turn-based combat systems. Here’s how it works…

Mechajammer Reveal Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

A unique combat system – an example

Let’s say your recovery from your last attack just ended. You can pick a new action. You see an enemy pop up from taking cover and is pointing a pistol at you. They haven’t shot yet, so you can assume they are in an aiming turn for the moment. You could choose to duck behind your own cover and wait. Maybe run for a different cover to flank. You could take a shot yourself if you think you’ll be faster, or throw up your shield to deflect.

Likewise, this makes Mechajammer combat tense and allows for a variety of tactics. Such as side stepping a thrown knife (which takes turns to get to you). Or interrupting someone mid-attack that wouldn’t be possible if everyone took their turns one at a time or all at the exact same time.

Lore Inspirations

Mechajammer inspirations are rooted in 80s sci-fi action movies. Due to Escape from New York, Robocop, and the first Terminator. The gritty, dark and campy setting of these movies is clearly recognizable in Mechajammer. Along with its undertones of analog low-tech.

The settings are rendered in a dense wall of grungy, sweaty pixels. This also mimics the grungy feel of the referenced movies.

Another objective of the team was to capture the bluntness of the story of movies like Escape from New York. Wild, simple, and outrageous with a hero just trying to save his skin with no world-saving nor the usual “unite the underdogs to fight the villain” nonsense.

Mechajammer dystopian cyberpunk turn-based RPG is coming to Steam. The release date is still TBD. But you can expect to see the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. And check out the new Demo with Proton.

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