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Mechajammer turn-based RPG still due for a port

mechajammer cyberpunk turn-based rpg game is still due to get a linux port mac windows pc

Mechajammer cyberpunk turn-based RPG game is still due to get a Linux port with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to details from publisher Modern Wolf. The release is now live on both Steam and GOG with a discount.

Mechajammer lets players delve into the immersive dystopian cyberpunk reality. That is also inspired by low-tech, analog worlds featured in 80’s sci-fi/action movies. Explore, interact and fight your way out of the hellhole you find yourself in.

This is the premise behind the gameplay. However, the release only sports Mac and Windows PC support. Apparent the developer is a bit behind schedule and had to shuffle around tasks. Mechajammer Linux files got the short end of the stick. Which also explains the reply on Steam.

Got another update on Linux for those that are keen. So we’re hoping to have this ready to push live next week!

After receiving appologies via email for Mechajammer‘s lack of Linux. The developer obviously still has plans to release a Linux build next week. A bit late, but still in the plans. But it’s a Unity 3D game, so porting should be straight forward. Fingers crossed for Whalenought Studios being able to port the game easily.

Mechajammer Launch Trailer

Mechajammer is a CRPG with strong tabletop roots but with a precise, peculiar take on the genre. The foundation of the game is a deep sim (like an isometric Deus Ex). Since the player will freely choose how to face different tactical situations. Stealth is always an option, as party-based combat is.

While the combat system sports a powerful twist as turns take place at the same time. But also allow for interrupts, quick reactions, and, 20in general. That is an experience that feels like real-time. Likewise, offering the rules of turn-based combat systems.

Mechajammer inspirations are rooted in 80s sci-fi/action movies. Such as Escape from New York, Robocop, and the first Terminator. The gritty, dark, and campy atmosphere of these movies is clearly recognizable in Mechajammer. Since gameplay offers its undertones of analog low-tech. The settings are rendered in a dense wall of grungy, sweaty pixels that mimic the grungy feel of the referenced movies.

Mechajammer cyberpunk turn-based RPG game is available on Steam and GOG. Priced at $22.49 USD / £17.99 / 17,99€, including the 10% discount until December 9th. Offering support for Mac and Windows PC, with Linux due to arrive next week.

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