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Since Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is a hybrid 2D-3D game. So we are keen to share the #games pixel art and low poly style via #Kickstarter. Hence players will have to craft, sell and create your Merchant Empire. With confirmed support for Linux and Windows via the Unity 3D engine. While now having passed the funding goal of the crowdfunding campaign. Developer Breakfast Studio is looking to expand Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator even further.

What’s the story here?

Since your character is abandoned once more. Without help from anyone. Players are tasked with having to keep their little shop with a few coins and resources. Can you learn to live by your own on this kingdom and turn this shop into a merchant empire?
Ever since the new king came to town, the old ways of life have all disappeared. Hence the church, once the city’s most important place of activity. Now hides many things like never before. While the kingdom seems full of opportunity and light. With a little dedication and effort. Players might just be the one to restore this kingdom to greatness.

The main goals of Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator are simple:

  1. The game is designed with a randomly generated play-through. Hence keeping replayability high and fresh. And since Breakfast Studio favour roguelikes, expect to see such elements.
  2. So player decisions affect everyone (for real!). This it’s not a linear story, players create the story through their actions.
  3. The goal is to create a game that makes you feel like little by little. So players become the most powerful merchant in the whole region. Controlling every trade in the kingdom

So the build system in Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator works by placing Work-Kit’s on the floor. While the players stay near them, they will let you craft specific items. Depending on the Work-Kit type.
For example: With a cooking work-kit, you can make special recipes with food. Wizard work-kit will let you create magic potions and spells. Hence later combining them with swords and make epic weapons.

Yet playars do not have to craft items. Since every morning, a local merchant will come to your store. So players what they need from him, such raw materials, work-kits, epic gear and spells. Therefore Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator can be played in many ways.

Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is currently on Kickstarter right now. Since the games funding is successful, the crowdfunding campaign will continue via Stretch goals. While the estimated release date for Linux and Windows is late November 2017.

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