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Meeple Station space sim Kickstarter and Demo

meeple station space station sim kickstarter with demo for linux mac windows

Meeple Station is a cooperative Space station Sim coming to Kickstarter with a Demo for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since gameplay takes inspiration from Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld. Where the sim blends friendly and satisfying RTS gameplay. And it’s coming to Steam.

As expected, the Meeple foole come in various shapes, sizes and colours. So each Meeple has their own role and you will need to pick up the ones best suited for the jobs you require. So these range from miners, engineers, refiners, janitors, guards or lab workers.

Meeple are very fragile creatures and need taking care of. But are also prone to a number of possible fatalities. Falling victim to starvation, suffocation, implosion, explosion, decapitation, electrification and incineration. They can even get sucked out of an airlock or eaten by an alien.

So to combat are are wide ranges of things in the space stations. Ranging from furniture, bedding, seating to complex machinery There is also a life support system and power grids. How you build it out for your Meeple Station will means adjust to changes.

Therefore you will responsible for rigging up the main power grid. While making sure you are creating enough power to keep everything alive. Some what similar to Surviving Mars, but not quite. So you have to keep orders and create designations.
Following through on the jobs you create in Singleplayer, Co-op, Online Co-op and Local Co-op.

Meeple Station sim First peek (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Space is a dangerous place, aside from natural disasters, solar flares and stray meteors. There are also Meeple pirates bent on destruction. That includes you and your Meeple.
So if there are pirates near your station, they wont be able to resist the chance to create havoc. Which means having to defending yourself with trained Meeple on combat turrets.

There is also a Demo on the official website for Linux, Mac and Windows.

You station will also need to get involved in trade and commerce. So those traders will be coming in from all over the quadrant. Which can be very lucrative for you.

There are also plenty of resources just floating around. You can order your mining crew to get out there and salvage it. You can then refine the minerals you collect to construct and develop new components for your station.

Undertake a campaign, building difficult stations and meet pressing deadlines. Or build and manage station at your own pace. Moving around the quadrant, exploring nearby planets and being a centre for trade and commerce.

Kickstarter coming this week:

“We’ll be going live with our Kickstarter at 7pm EST on Tuesday, September 4th.
We will have a 15% launch discount, and early backers on Kickstarter will get it much much lower. The full price being about $19.99 USD. Once we do an early access release, and likely $24.99 USD will be the full release product. (But Kickstarter backers will also be getting access to the beta months before early access.)”

Meeple Station will be available on February 7th, 2019 for Linux, Mac and Windows. But you can play the Demo and take on the adventure yourself.

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