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Megaquarium management tycoon game coming soon

megaquarium management tycoon game coming soon to linux mac windows

Megaquarium classic theme park management tycoon game arriving soon on Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to the creators of Big Pharma comes a brand new economic simulation game.

Megaquarium follow the design of classic theme park management tycoon games. But adding in their own aquatic spin.
So from he cutest of clown fish to the deadliest of sharks. Megaquarium includes a big range of aquatic life. Such as Fish, Crustaceans, Jellyfish, Live Corals and more!

Since manage the new tenants in Megaquarium. Due to the fact that this a tycoon game about running your own public aquarium. Which allows you to watch everything grow in Megaquarium. Which has a similarity style to Two Point Hospital.

Megaquarium management tycoon playtesting (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In this style of gameplay, players will have to keep a wide-ranging requirements met. That is if you want things to grow. Which also increases their stats as well.

This also means you will have double duty. Arranging your tanks for optimum visitor flow and easy access for your staff.
Planning your aquarium layout to be able to run your own public aquarium. Hiring and managing staff, since you are running your own public aquarium

So you will have to train up staff. Their skills will grow over time, but beware, your livestock are not the only things with feelings. If staff disapprove of your management methods they might leave.

Decorate your tanks to create powerful combos. This helps to increase the rate at which they generate income. Which is interesting. Having to reap rewards with decorations in Megaquarium.

A Linux, Mac and Windows management game that has advanced interactions. This is really interesting. There is a gameplay mechanic where you have to watch out for interactions between fish. If you’re not careful, you might find your prize fish becomes another’s meal for another.

Coming Soon to Steam:

So expect to see Megaquarium September 13th. But according to activity on SteamDB, development is certainly seeing change. And the release is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam and Humble Store.

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