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Megaquarium tycoon game releases today

megaquarium management tycoon game releases today on linux mac windows

Megaquarium takes the theme park management tycoon game releases now on Linux Mac and Windows. Which gives gives an aquatic twist to the genre. And righly so, it’s a solid game now on Steam and Humble Store.

While the creators of Big Pharma launch their brand new economic simulation gameMegaquarium breaks new ground by taking classic tycoon gameplay. While applying it to a brand new industry, the unique and challenging business of public aquariums. Gameplay revolves around creating and laying out exhibits. Since you have to manage the aquarium’s workload. As well as staff and ensuring the entire endeavour runs at a profit.

Megaquarium aquarium tycoon game (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Run an aquarium business from the ground up. With staff costs, fish food and more to pay for, players will need to keep a constant eye on their bottom-line. Players can also micro-manage to extremely finite details, or focus more on the larger scale aspects.
  • Players can choose from nearly 100 aquatic life to exhibit in their aquarium!
  • Design an aquarium where strategic layout is key to garner visitor attention and profit
  • Hire and manage your aquarium staff. Based on your management style, and choices for positions, your aquarium could run magnificently… or crack under pressure
  • Hundreds of hours of research have gone into making Megaquarium as true to life as practicable. Learn and study animal needs, in-game systems, and management skills to become the best!

Megaquarium’s wide array of aquatic life will keep the player thinking on their feet. With fish, sharks, crustaceans, corals, jellyfish, cephalopods and more. Their is also a diverse care requirements that will demand attention to detail and strategic thinking.

So as players advance you will unlock new livestock, equipment, guest facilities and more. This all comes back into the success of your aquarium as layout choice and staff management. While creating a make-or-break tycoon experience that tests the player to the limit.

Megaquarium tycoon management game releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. Also making a debut priced at a reasonable $24.99 USD via Steam and Humble Store plus a 10% discount until September 20th.

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