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Meg’s Monster indie adventure launches

meg's monster indie adventure game launches on linux mac and windows pc

Meg’s Monster indie adventure game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is all due to the continuous effort of developer Odencat. Available now on Steam with 100% Positive reviews.

Meg’s Monster officially releases, while drawing comparisons to Undertale. This special, emotional game is one that you surely can’t afford to miss. One such monster — a hulking ogre by the name of Roy. Who also has no interest in eating humans. But one day, he and his best friend Golan stumble upon a lost little girl named Meg. As a result, discover something truly terrifying. The moment she starts wailing in fear, a blood-red hue washes over the sky. While the earth itself begins to tremble and quake.

Meg’s Monster – Launch Trailer

That’s right: this small girl’s tears hold the power to bring forth the apocalypse. The only way to stop it is for them to help find her mother so she can make it safely back home.

Meg’s Monster is a short, story-driven JRPG with a big twist. Players control Roy, who begins the game with 99,999 HP and is virtually untouchable. While the real concern is keeping Meg safe. Because if she starts crying, it’s game over for everyone. Players will have to master the unique mechanics and mini-games baked into each battle. All while protecting Meg and using her favorite toys to keep her pacified.

Odencat is a Japanese studio that specializes in developing high-quality pixel art games. Meg’s Monster focuses on storytelling. Including the adventure game Bear’s Restaurant, and the fishing RPG Fishing Paradiso. With a great CV of titles already released this is another gem – turn based RPG with its retro focus and direct strategy action. Which will enhance their reputation.

There is also a Free Demo on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So you can try before you buy.

Meg’s Monster indie adventure game launches on Steam. Priced at $13.49 USD / £11.51 / 13,31€ including the 10% discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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