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Melvor Idle: Atlas of Discovery out this fall

melvor idle the games second expansion atlas of discovery to release on linux mac windows pc

Melvor Idle the games second expansion, Atlas of Discovery to release this fall on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Games by Malcs is unleashing a deeper gaming experience that challenge limits. Due to make its way onto Steam.

In Melvor Idle, you’re an adventurer, standing at the edge of an uncharted world. Due to dive into the heart of the unknown.
Well, the team at Jagex and Games by Malcs just revealed a mind-blowing expansion for Melvor Idle, “Atlas of Discovery”. Which is due to go live on September 7th, 2023.

This addition to the Melvor Idle RPG is packed with a treasure trove of fresh, exciting content. Want to make your mark on the world? Now you can, with the introduction of Cartography, since the novel skill lets you uncover new areas on your World Map. Fancy digging up some history? You’ve got Archaeology, another fresh skill, to unearth the world’s hidden past and powerful Artifacts.

But that’s just the tip of what Melvor Idle has to offer on Linux. Since you can amp up your battle prowess in brand new combat zones, slayer spots, and adrenaline fueled dungeons. While you face off against 46 new enemies and find over 600 unique items. Master the art of Unholy Prayers, harness the potent Barrier ability, and also upgrade your gear with new equipment slots and tiers.

Melvor Idle v1.0 Trailer

Features of Atlas of Discovery:

  • Two new Skills: Cartography and Archaeology
  • An exciting new mode: Ancient Relics Mode
  • Over 600 unique items to discover
  • 46 chilling new creatures to vanquish
  • Eight fresh combat zones to conquer
  • Three new slayer areas and five dungeons to navigate
  • Over ten pets to adopt and care for
  • A new Unholy Prayer Book featuring 17 powerful prayers
  • The potent Barrier ability to gain the upper hand in Melvor Idle battles
  • A new equipment slot: the Gem Slot
  • A new tier of superior battle gear
  • Two new trees to chop down and two new ore nodes to mine
  • Two new potions to brew in Herblore and a new Summoning Familiar
  • Fresh items to create in Smithing, Fletching, Crafting, and Runecrafting
  • A new constellation to discover in Astrology
  • Two new spells each in Ancient Magicks and Alt Magic, and two new Magic Curses
  • Three new hurdles to overcome in Agility
  • New skill upgrades are available in the Shop. Plus 20 new Township Tasks to complete

Melvor Idle is an engaging, RuneScape-inspired journey that captures the spirit of the beloved MMO. It distills its essence into an idle format that’s just as enticing for both seasoned warriors and new recruits. While offering over 20 skills to level up, robust combat systems, a wide array of dungeons and bosses. Due to always giving you a new challenge.

The world of Melvor Idle: Atlas of Discovery beckons you. So prepare to embark on a quest like no other on September 7th, 2023. Wishlist the new expansion on Steam. Due to release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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