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Memoranda point and click reached the Kickstarter funding goals for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Memoranda, a point-and-click, #character-rich #adventure has hit its Kickstarter fundraising goal this week for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The surrealistic world is set with the backdrop of Haruki Murakami, making for a magical realism-infused game. Taking inspiration from more than 20 of Murakami’s stories in telling the story of its protagonist, who realises she is forgetting her own name.

The developers promise 40 scenes, 20 characters – all of whom are losing something, from a name, a film reel box, or to their sanity. Along with numerous #puzzles in a classic 2D Point and Click adventure game. And the puzzles are not designed to be very easy to solve, developers Bit Byterz leave just enough clues in the story for players.

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After hitting the initial campaign goal of $18,000 CAD, the game’s pledges are now nearing a stretch goal of $22,000 CAD for a mobile release on iOS.

The Bit Byterz team is looking to finish the game in two or three months, followed by a Steam release. And for those who pledge the campaign, delivery of the game is planned for December 2015, while higher contributions come with rewards, such as being turned into a non-playable character or having your portrait appear in one of the game’s scenes.