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Men of War II RTS Beta weekend out soon

men of war ii multiplayer rts game to release a beta weekend for linux mac windows pc

Men of War II multiplayer RTS game to release a Beta weekend for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work and effort of developer Best Way. Due to make its way onto Steam and Humble Store in 2024.

Let’s get into this exciting news about Men of War II, the multiplayer RTS game that’s making waves in Linux gaming.

There’s a big event happening for Men of War II – a Beta weekend! It’s due to start on November 16th until the 21st on Steam. This is not just any test run; it’s also a chance to see all the updates the developers have working on.

What’s New?

  • Better Experience: Men of War II now runs smoother with quicker loading times, and the graphics look even more amazing.
  • New Mode – Officer Mode: This is a tough challenge where you have to protect a very important character in the game. If the enemies get him, you lose. Since it’s all about using your tactics and being quick to make the right moves.
  • More to Play: There are two new missions to try out, one for the USA and one for Germany. These missions are due to be like stepping into a history book about World War II, but you’re in control. Plus, the Soviet campaign is back too!
  • Maps Galore: Four new maps, making it a total of ten. Each map is a different playground for your strategies.
  • Feedback Matters: The Men of War II developers have listened to what thousands of players feedback about the previous versions. Now making a bunch of improvements.

Men of War II | Open Beta Trailer

Beta Content:

  • Different Ways to Play Against Others (PvP): You’ve got three styles – PvP, Combined Arms, and Classic. Each one offers a different way to compete against other players.
  • Game Settings: Choose between Competitive or Realism. Since it’s all about how challenging you want your experience to be.
  • Modes to Play: Four modes where you can face off against other players or even AI bots. These are Front Line, Assault Zones, Combat, and Incursion.
  • Solo or Team Missions: There are three missions you can play alone or with friends – Towards Freedom, Convoy, and Through The Snow.
  • Lots of Maps: Ten different maps in total, including Witch’s Vale, Village, Champagne, Polesie, and more.

What’s Improved?

  • Matchmaking and Leaderboards: You can also see how you rank in the Classic mode and in Combined Arms.
  • Faster Load Times: No more waiting around; the Men of War II loading times are much shorter.
  • Better Rewards: In PvE, completing tasks gets you new battalions and supply points.
  • Smarter Vehicles: Vehicles in Men of War II move around smarter now.
  • Balancing: Based on players feedback, the title’s balance has been tweaked for a better experience.
  • More Realistic Battles: In Realism mode, battles feel even more lifelike.
  • UI and Sound Upgrades: The user interface and sounds see an improvement for a better overall feel.

Important Note: Remember, whatever you do in the Beta won’t carry over to the final build when it launches on Linux.

Launch Date: Men of War II is due to be fully available in 2024 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam and Humble Store.

So, that’s a lot happening with Men of War II. The Beta weekend is a perfect time to jump in and play the new features and improvements. It’s a multiplayer RTS title that’s not just about action; it’s also about thinking fast and making smart decisions. Make sure to jump into the Beta Weekend on Steam, November 16th to November 21st.

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