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Merchant of the Skies side scroller release date

merchant of the skies side scroller release date for linux mac windows pc

Merchant of the Skies is more than a side scroller with a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Latvian developer Coldwild Games. Who just announced the coming release to Early Access.

So in Merchant of the Skies, you become a captain of a flying ship. This also comes with all the usual things. Since you can sell items and gather resources. Then build your own trade empire in the clouds.
Merchant of the Skies at it’s heart is a trading game. This also includes some light base building and tycoon elements. Since you start off as a captain of a small cloudship. Working your way up towards establishing your own trade company. A peaceful trading game that allows for relaxed base building and management. Giving you a hint of Sunless Skies.

Merchant of the Skies Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Merchant of the Skies is due to release on Early Access on July 30th. Staying in development for roughly 3 – 6 months. So not to bad

Merchant of the Skies is current in Early Access. That means that Coldwild Games want your feedback. So suggest whatever improvements you want to see. And the studio try to accommodate them as best they can. You can find the development roadmap on the Forum. They also have a Discord, so you can get direct feedback there as well.


  • Become a trader! Find the best trade routes and profit from them
  • Discover the world of Merchant of the Skies. Travel between flying isles and face different encounters
  • Sandbox gameplay: do what you want at your own pace
  • Gain experience and become more savvy when it comes to trading, then start your own goods production

Based on your feedback of Merchant of the Skies. This will help the dev’s decide which features to emphasize. So things like exploration, base building, trading or goal-driven gameplay. Coldwild plan to work on all of them. Priorities are mostly going to depend what you, player, wants. So the studio is taking serious consideration here. They know.

The final version is going to have a clear, distinguishable goal. Uniting the floating islands and restoring the world to its former glory. But for now, the game features separate goal based missions. Plus objectives as well as an infinite sandbox mode.

Merchant of the Skies side scroller is coming to Early Access. Priced at $7.99 US. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. With a release date for July 30th.

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