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Mesmer social survival adventure RPG releases

mesmer social survival adventure rpg releases the game on linux mac windows pc

Mesmer social survival adventure RPG releases the game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Rain Games. Available on both Steam and GOG.

Mesmer is a unique social survival game. Where each one of your encounters, matter. While you take on the role of a revolution leader. It’s your job to influence people and factions into following your cause. All while keeping yourself hidden from the secret police. The stakes are high and the dangers are many.

You might recognize Rain Games from past titles the famed Teslagrad. And their 2017 follow up game, World to the West. Each with their own unique adventure. Now releasing something a bit more unique in terms of gameplay. Since this is not a typical survival adventure RPG.

Mesmer used to be the ideal place to live. But the King now fails the people. Since his nation is now a police state. As citizens struggle under rationing and curfews. The farming land is surrounds the capital. Now no longer used to grow food, but fields of Paciflowers. A plant also useful for its powerful mindbending capability. Those who dissent are forced into duty through a mind control method known as “Horsing”. Covering their heads with spite masks filled with Paciflowers. And as result, this strips them of all identity to serve as a grim example to others.

Mesmer PC Release Trailer

You are Teri De Belle, a fearless adventurer of Mesmer. After returning from a journey is branded an enemy of the state. Therefore, to spare yourself from a “Horsing” by the secret police. You find yourself pressured into becoming a radical leader.
Building influence and winning the favor of the people through your charm. Being helpful and skillful in social interactions. Maybe even resorting to blackmail and threats of violence.

Likewise, avoid being spotted by remaining outside of the night guard’s line of sight. Grapple to rooftops where you can’t be found. Or slip into the shadows. Since getting caught means certain doom. But as long as you’ve got your wits about you. There’s always the option to run away.

Locate Crowdhorns that grab the attention of the public. Rile up the hearts of the population through impassioned public speaking. So you can turn enough people over with your rhetoric. While tearing down blockades and making your way up the stairs of the Royal castle.

There are five social factions, each vying for power in their own way. They all carry influence, so you must appeal to them and bring them to your side.

  1. The Nobility are a faction of aristocratic royalists. They also hold power through bloodline and tradition.
  2. The Merchants are the wealthy people. So shop keepers, business owners and landlords.
  3. The Artisans are a faction of painters, poets and academics. They make up the cultural and intellectual elite.
  4. The Workers have a few people of influence in their ranks. But society is built from the sweat off their backs. And their numbers are many.
  5. The Underworld is the faction of the ruffians, the downtrodden and the forgotten. They are opposed to the law.


  • Deep, story driven gameplay, where your choices matter
  • An enticing blend of social manipulation, stealth and riot gameplay
  • Unique survival mechanics, where social influence is your main resource
  • Leverage multiple social factions, each with their own goals
  • Open world with multiple methods of traversal and world interaction (You can even ride a pig)
  • Multiple endings based on your choices

Mesmer social survival adventure RPG releases on both Steam and GOG. Priced at $11.99 USD with a 20% discount. While including support for the game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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