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Meteora race for survival port in the works

meteora the race for survival game's linux port in the works with windows pc

Meteora the race for survival game’s Linux port in the works with Windows PC. All coming together thanks to the work of developer Big Boot Games. Due to make its way onto Steam this month.

Big Boot games have announced that their single player arcade combat racer Meteora. Due to make a release on July 14th. After winning the Upcoming Game of the Year Award at IGDC 2019. And also earned nominations at 2020’s Whitenight Amsterdam Showcase and PGC London VBIP Award & Indie Zone and more. Now, the wait is almost over. Plus there is a free demo on Steam for Windows PC.

Yes we are working on a Linux port. Will be releasing it as a patch very soon.

The first thing to know about Meteora, it’s a Unity 3D game. So the porting process should be straight forward. Plus it’s a pleasure to know that Linux support is on the way.

Meteora Teaser Trailer

Survive the Birth of the Cosmos
Players have experienced the end of the world plenty of times. Since it’s time to survive the beginning of the universe. Taking inspiration from classic sci-fi movies such as Interstellar, and documentaries about the birth of the cosmos. Meteora gives players control of a meteor, racing for survival through a young, chaotic universe.

Race to Survive
Death is also constantly a looming threat in Meteora. So watch the rear view markers and dodge the other meteors closing in behind you. All while chasing the ones ahead and setting yourself up to take them down. Need to clear some space? Create and customize your very own meteor shower. All to maximize your damage output and smash your opponents all at once.

Unlock, Upgrade and Combine Power Ups & Abilities
Strategically dash into power ups in your path and combine them in real time to create powerful abilities to help you get out of trouble and smash through any obstacle in your way. Feeling confident? Put your skills to the test on the hardest difficulties Meteora can throw at you and unlock hidden boss challenges.

Meteora race for survival game is due to arrive on Steam, on July 14th. Along with support for both Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game.

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