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Metroplex Zero card battler launches v1.4.0

metroplex zero: sci-fi card battler game launches v1.4.0 on both linux steam deck windows pc

Metroplex Zero: sci-fi card battler game launches v1.4.0 on both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to Enigma Dragons LLC for their incredible dedication and hard work. Available now on Steam with 98% Very Positive reviews.

Today, we’re launching deep into the world of Metroplex Zero on Linux. The ultimate blend of strategic card play with the journey of roguelikes. Along with the rich stories of Japanese role-playing adventures.

Taking place in a world where mega corporations, or MegaCorps, control every aspect of life. In the Metroplex Zero setting, you’re not just a passive observer. You’re an active force, forming an elite team to test these giants. Doing so using a unique array of cards.

Every member of your squad has their skills and abilities available with cards. Some might be experts in using firearms or grenades. While others excel at defending teammates or attacking from the shadows. Metroplex Zero is not just about collecting cards; it’s about mixing their powers and making informed choices.

Metroplex Zero – Gameplay Trailer

For those familiar with popular card strategies like Magic: The Gathering or the adventure of Slay the Spire, Metroplex Zero takes hints from both of these. Due to brings in a flavor similar to the gritty universe of Shadowrun. Since it like a band of rebels, each with a unique skill. Ready to stand against a world controlled by corporations.

Beyond just collecting and selecting cards in Metroplex Zero, you can upgrade your team’s abilities with augments.

The recent update introduced some amazing new augments:

  • Bandaid Buddy: Due to provide healing or protection.
  • Combo – Duelist Training Data: A boost attack strategies.
  • Fire – Hazardous Lighter: Expect some fiery action here.
  • Adrenaline Amplifier: A jolt of energy or speed, perhaps?
  • …and several more, each with its unique effects.

But Metroplex Zero is not just about leveling up. Since you’ll face enemies that are always evolving. Plus new foes like the Alley Cannon and the Ripper – Elite indicates the need for strategic thinking and adapting. These are not your average tests. Since its about wit, strategy, and reaction time.

Let’s touch upon the visual aspect. The developers have done more than just creating a dynamic and engaging world. They are also refining the artwork. They’ve bringing in upgraded versions of battlefields for smoother gameplay.

Controller Support and Steam Deck:

The sci-fi card battler game now offers support for controllers and the Steam Deck. Due to ensure a seamless game regardless of your preferred device. This is especially noteworthy since, with the rise of various gaming platforms, adaptability is key. Plus, improvements like the Keyword Glossary update provide clarity, enhancing the user experience.

Metroplex Zero sci-fi card battler is not just another game. It’s a uniquely crafted world that offers a blend of strategy and storytelling. Whether you’re a strategy fan or just beginning your journey, there’s something in it for everyone. Launching on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Priced at $16.99 USD / £14.23 / 16,57€, including the 15% discount on Steam.

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