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MewnBase survival launches with success

mewnbase survival and base-building game is worth playing on linux and windows pc playable on steam deck

MewnBase survival and base-building game is worth playing on Linux and Windows PC, plus it’s playable on Steam Deck. Thanks to the innovative team at Cairn4 for this fantastic adventure. Available with a discount on Steam and itch.

MewnBase is a space-cat 2D exploration and survival game for Linux that drops you on an unfamiliar planet. You’ve just landed in an unknown world, and you quickly realize you left most of your essential items behind. Similar to going on a vacation and forgetting your suitcase and food. Thankfully, you haven’t forgotten everything; you’ve got a handy workbench.

The core of MewnBase revolves around gathering and using resources for survival. It’s a space-age version of camping. You’ll need to scavenge materials to build a base that can keep you safe and comfortable. While you craft various modules to upgrade your base – from doors that seal shut (airlocks). All the way to devices that collect rainwater, making your stay on this otherwise barren planet more comfy.

Now, here’s the exciting part. As you explore, you’ll also come across weird artifacts that might be similar to things you’ve seen or heard of before. These aren’t just for show. By researching these artifacts, you’ll find new crafting recipes and tech upgrades. Such as finding an old relic and then realizing it can help you make something useful for your base.

MewnBase survival and base-building Trailer

Maintaining your base is vital. Since you have to ensure the air is clean, power is continuously supplied, and your plants have enough water. Remember those science experiments in class where you have to create a balanced ecosystem? This is pretty much it, but in space.

The world of MewnBase tests your survival skills. The planet has a day-night cycle. So, when night falls, things get dark and tricky. Always ensure your base has enough energy stored. Moreover, the weather isn’t always friendly. Sometimes there’ll be wild thunderstorms or blinding sandstorms. It’s important to be prepared.

Walking everywhere can get tiresome. So why walk when you can ride? You can build vehicles to help you travel faster and in style.

Lastly, for all our international explorers out there, the game supports multiple languages. Thanks to the MewnBase community’s efforts, you can navigate your survival in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. Similar to having a universal translator on call.

In simple terms, MewnBase offers an adventure of exploration, crafting, and survival on an alien planet. It tests your creativity and strategic thinking while ensuring the game remains fun and engaging. Available on Linux and Windows PC, but playable on Steam Deck. Priced at only $7.99 USD / £5.75 / 6,55€ with the 20% discount on Steam and itch.

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