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Micro Machines World Series – Linux day-one

micro machines world series will see day one linux with mac and windows games

Since we now have #confirmation that Micro Machines World Series will make a day-one Linux release. While the #games release will be available for Linux and Mac. As mentioned by renowned porting company Virtual Programming already posted. And now, it seems we will see more than a #Windows release at launch. So get ready to combine the games madness of racing micro vehicles. Complete with epic team battle strategies. While all set against the interactive backdrops of the everyday home. So unleash miniature multiplayer mayhem into the world.

Since we clearly have a formal confirmation for Micro Machines World Series day-one on Linux. Since Codemasters have now revealed the details formally via Twitter positive news.

Micro Machines World Series Features:

  • LEGENDARY LOCATIONS: Featuring the iconic kitchen and pool table tracks amongst others, plus all-new locations and arenas such as the garden and workshop, Micro Machines World Series features 10 Race Tracks and 15 Battle Arenas!
  • COOL INTERACTIVE PLAY-SETS: Teleporters, catapults, giant fans, etc add even more fun and will ensure no two races are the same!
  • CUSTOMISABLE VEHICLE CAST: An array of amazing miniature vehicles, each with its own unique load-out of weapons and abilities plus a massive range of customization options!
  • CLASSIC MINIATURE RACING: Micro Machines racing for the purists, including Elimination mode! Huge variety of weapons, interactive tracks, unique skins, and kill markers to earn!
  • ALL-NEW BATTLE MODES: Up to 12 players in huge arenas, multiple modes that proves that a single takedown is just as satisfying as winning a race!
  • TEAM-PLAY: Game-changing synergies as you join together to take on the rest!
  • ONLINE & OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER: Featuring leaderboards, regular challenges/competitions, seasons, playlists, multiple divisons, etc!

So expect a Linux, Mac and Windows release on June 29th. Since both Steam (with a 10% discount until launch) and Humble Store have pre-orders open for Micro Machines World Series now. The choice is yours, that Steam discount looks decent enough.

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