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Microsoft in favour of making Windows open source


When choosing #platforms for computers, many people end up using Windows. Some say this is due to the the majority of #software has been created for the platform, others argue the significant use of the desktop and somewhat similar for the enterprise. Making it more of a challenge for users to make the switch to a different platform, such as #Linux, even if they wanted too.

As it stands OEM’s have to pay Microsoft a licensing fee if they want to install the operating system on their computers, but one day Microsoft might consider making Windows open source, similar to Linux. According to Mark Russinovich, one of Microsoft’s top engineers answered yes to the idea.

“Every conversation you can imagine about what should we do with our software—open versus not-open versus services—has happened,” Russinovich added.

Russinovich was also quoted saying, “It’s definitely possible. It’s a new Microsoft.” However we should note that this might not necessarily happen anytime soon, but Microsoft has lost momentum with Windows 8 and Windows 10 is looking to impose further restrictions.
With the fact the company might not be so opposed to the idea. We would not be surprised if some of you might wonder why Microsoft would consider an open source Windows? Or not.

The fact that free or open source means more users will want to use it, developers will obviosly shape it into their own creation, which would attract a larger audience. Revenue is still possible as larger corporations need vendor packages, distribution, and update the platform similar to how Linux works at the moment. Magical.

When Russinovich spoke on Microsoft’s .NET being open sourced, “It’s an enabling technology that can get people started on other Microsoft solutions. It lifts them up and makes them available for our other offerings, where otherwise they might not be. If they’re using Linux technologies that we can’t play with, they can’t be a customer of ours.”

Maybe open sourced Windows would be able to interact with Linux in a more proficient manner, while developers take on desegregation to seemlessly operate a more diverse range of software. Gaming compatibility would mean being able to play PC titles on a more proficient operating system. Open source development would certainly fuel more stable gameplay with Linux at it’s core and a Windows integration.

So what do think? Open source Windows – yes or no?


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