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Midautumn developer looking to prioritize support

midautumn diaspora roguelike developer looking to prioritize support for the game on linux with windows pc

Midautumn diaspora roguelike developer is looking to prioritize game support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Sherveen Uduwana. Due to makes its way onto Kickstarter soon.

A series of exciting announcements at Devcom regarding the upcoming Asian diaspora roguelike, Midautumn. The game will be getting a Kickstarter campaign on September 3rd. This also means the campaign will coincide with the real world Midautumn festival. Due to kick off on September 21st. A brand new animated trailer for the game and a pre-alpha demo are also slated to launch on the same day.

However, what really catches the interest, Linux support.

I think this is something we’re going to use our kickstarter campaign to help determine! If we can determine a significant number of our players are on Linux and want to play the game on it, we’re absolutely going to prioritize support for that!

First off, you can view the statement in the Discussions on Steam. Things get kind of interesting with the mention of “a significant number of our players are on Linux.” In order to determine this, the best way to do so is by Wishlisting the Unity 3D game on Steam. That is, if you have Linux only selected for your Wishlisting Preferences. With the release of Midautumn due in late 2022 / early 2023, roughly.

Midautumn – Coming to Kickstarter

Midautumn boasts some absolutely stunning character portraits. As well as a unique blend of lo-fi pixel art and psychedelic spell effects. You also play as Robin Lam, a recent college grad with no clear direction. One who has resorted to crashing with their Grandmother in the fictional town of Nambo Quay, California. So, in exchange, Robin’s Grandma reveals to Robin that the Spirit World is real. Since its entrance is in the basement. Now Robin is strongarmed into being its latest protector.

When you’re not blasting spirits in the ever shifting rooms of the Midautumn Spirit World. The town of Nambo Quay is full of colorful, larger than life characters. Giving you a range of people to forge bonds with. You’ll have hundreds of unique story events to learn about. And also what’s really going on in this cozy, mysterious town.

The Midautumn’s kickstarter demo will allow players to toggle the amount of damage the player takes. So even players who are intimidated by rogue-lites can still play and enjoy the story. This pre-alpha Windows PC demo will be an early look at the game’s opening chapter. Which you should be able to run via Wine. With a design to allow players to give early feedback during the Kickstarter campaign.

Beyond their appearance at Devcom this week. Expect Midautumn to also be on display during their Kickstarter campaign at the PAX 10. Including Game Devs of Color Expo, and Steam Next Fest.

If you’re as eager to know more about Midautumn. Be sure check out the Asian diaspora roguelike Kickstarter page. Then request to be notified once the campaign goes live. Alos be sure to Wishlist Midautumn on Steam for Linux.

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