MidBoss strategy RPG roguelike releases [Linux]

MidBoss strategy RPG roguelike releases on linux via steam games

Finally, procedurally-generated death labyrinth of MidBoss #releases. Hence the #games available now on #Steam and Itch for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Filled with monsters, traps, potions, treasures, and more. So go on and loot items and gear to further enhance your stats. While doing so at your own risk. Since Cursed items are a thing – and if you equip them, yikes.

So in MidBoss, you start out as an imp. The weakest monster in the land. Since you are tired of being bullied by the other monsters. Players set off on a quest to reach the deepest levels of the dungeon. All to defeat the final boss and take its place. Since you won’t remain a weak little imp for long, though. Possess the body of each enemy you kill. While using their powers to continue on your quest.
Therefore gain experience to level up and increase your imp’s base stats. Providing a major boost to the bodies you possess. While this releases the powers you master from your possessed forms. Then equip them to your basic imp body to make it even stronger.

Featuring a plethora of customizable modes. Since MidBoss also offers a variety of accessibility options to address color blindness. Or enable “queasy safe” mode, adjust screen shake, and more. Across Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam and Itch.

Emma ‘Eniko’ Maassen (Founder, Kitsune Games):

MidBoss started life as a Ludum Dare project in 2012. Like our little imp, the game had a habit of ‘possessing’ unsuspecting onlookers. Getting them hooked right away. It’s been gratifying to see the game evolve. Thanks to our loyal beta testers’ feedback and support. We can’t wait for everyone’s Death Cards to start popping up on Twitter!”

MidBoss Features:

  • Possess your enemy and gain their strengths and skills. Hence over 60 unique abilities to discover and learn.
  • Permanent death, if you die your save is gone!
  • Randomized potions every game. Who knows what’s in these mystery bottles! (optional)
  • Traps as well as unidentified and cursed items.
  • Dynamic music system that ups the musical excitement when enemies are about.
  • Quick Play mode for shorter, more condensed play sessions.
  • Custom Games so you can play the game exactly the way you want to.
  • Shareable death cards document your run and how it ended. Load these in the game for stats or to play using the same seed and settings. Customize your cards with unlockable themes!
  • Spend death cards to start your next run with items you had when you died.
  • Beat the game and get a special card which unlocks a new game+ mode. Start over with your items, abilities, or both!
  • Lots of crates, chests, and other containers to pillage. Find the royal chest that spawns on every floor for extra sweet loot!
  • Playable with mouse and/or keyboard. Pick whatever control scheme you like!
  • Color-blind modes, optional high contrast font, and adjustable brightness.
  • Multiple monitor support and borderless windowed fullscreen.
  • 12 retro mode filters to find and unlock.
  • Cratefish.

MidBoss releases and is available now on Steam and Itch.io for $14.99 USD. Releasing for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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