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Midland Bundle worth checking out for PAYDAY 2

midland bundle is worth checking out for the payday 2 game on linux and windows pc

Midland Bundle is worth checking out for the PAYDAY 2 game on Linux and Windows PC. While developer Starbreeze Studios and OVERKILL deliver you more content. Available via Steam with 97% Positive reviews.

PAYDAY 2 receives the next and final part of the Midland Bundle, a brand new heist. The Midland Bundle and the Southbound Tailor Pack originally releasing on Steam April 20th. Following that up with the McShay Weapon Pack on May 11th. With the release of the Midland Ranch Heist, the Midland Bundle is complete. The Texas Heat campaign will also continue.

Midland Ranch Heist

Blaine Keegan, Texan, crook, and family man behind the Midland Bundle. He is looking to turn a new leaf in his older days, and wants to leave a legacy for his family, a legal one. That legacy being all of Texas. And so, he has his sight on the highly lucrative, but cutthroat oil industry. Keegan wants nothing more than to go legit and hand over his criminal empire. Due to give it to his right hand, and family arms-dealer, Gemma McShay. She contacts the Payday Gang with an offer they can’t refuse.

The Midland Ranch heist takes place at a closed-off Texas ranch. So, instead of the usual fare of cattle, horses, or tourists, however. The only thing running through this ranch though are guns and soon, criminals. Welcome to the Midland Bundle.

PAYDAY 2: Midland Ranch Heist Gameplay Trailer

Midland Bundle

This bundle contains 3 DLC’s released over a few weeks. This serves not only to give the best price to those who invest early. But also gives the dev team the time they need to finish every piece of content without a huge release deadline. While having everything release at once looming in the distance.

The Midland bundle a static bundle, meaning it’s giftable through Steam. It does mean that players are unable to ‘top up’ as is possible with some of the other bundles. It also means that purchasing one DLC outside of the Bundle will prevent you from getting the Bundle afterward.

Most of the game’s DLC’s are discounted 10% to 30%. But the best feature, PAYDAY 2 is discounted 90% on Steam. Priced at $0.99 USD / £0.89 / 0,99€. The Midland Bundle of course is at full price on Steam at $9.99 USD / £7.19 / 9,99€. Along with support for both Linux and Windows PC.

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