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Midnight Arrow to solve its puzzles on Linux

midnight arrow is due to solve puzzles in a platformer game via linux with windows pc

Midnight Arrow is due to solve puzzles in a platformer game via Linux with Windows PC. This is thanks to the inspiring creation of developer Low Level Game Dev. Which is going to makes its way onto Steam in 2023.

Games that build up on mechanics and introduce new concepts to keep the entertainment fresh. Celeste for example has something different in each area. Low Level Game Dev is inspired by it this. While keeping the old mechanics from the previous levels to achieve even more interesting interactions. This is the magic behind Midnight Arrow, which is also due to get a Linux build.

The game was made in C++ using a custom rendering library and physics. You can definitely expect a Linux port because it was made to be cross-platform..

But do note, Midnight Arrow will not be available with a native Linux build on day-one. According to the developer’s email reply, they have minimal experience with native support. Therefore it may take some more time to fix any Linux specific problems. Which is not a let-down, but more of an extra precaution.

Midnight Arrow Trailer

Midnight Arrow is a platformer where you traverse the night. Then use your arrows to solve puzzles and see in the dark. You will be required to have dexterity and critical thinking. Not to mention platforming skills, speed, and sometimes all of these things at once. The game will have 6 big levels and in total, you can expect between a few hours of gameplay. That is just to finish the game. But unlocking all the skins will test your platforming skills and give you even more hours of fun.


  • Simplistic 2D pixel art style.
  • Big immersive Midnight Arrow levels
  • Different types of arrows like fire arrows let you see in the dark.
  • Challenging platforming and puzzle sections.

Midnight Arrow puzzle platformer game is coming to in 2023. Along with support for Linux as well as Windows PC. Due to test the players skills, so be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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