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Midnight at the Red Light releases on Steam

midnight at the red light releases in steam games for linux mac windows

Midnight at the Red Light releases on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games a mix or horror elements, investigation and exploration. Also, currently on sale for a limited time.

So the story follows Private Investigator Lance Wells. Who also receives credible information on a missing persons case. While hearing about an occult “The Followers of Perdition”. Who occupy a seemingly abandoned town, now becoming the focus of his investigation. Therefore he must be very cautious not to be detected. Since this risks being lost in the ‘eternal flame’. So the player must finding the correct forensic evidence. Enough to warrant an arrest against a mad man. Which will be tricky. Jessica Miller made some mistakes. So due note, evil eyes are watching, waiting in the shadows.

Midnight at the Red Light Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • 1. Locate missing person Jessica Miller.
  • 2. Collect enough forensic evidence to warrant an arrest against Dr. Conwell.**

Midnight at the Red Light Features :

  • Dark , atmospheric first person exploration, including jump scares, hallucinations and stylish graphics. Two endings are possible.
  • Intense audio cues and narrative. Explore a haunted city, full of interactions. An interactive menu to help your assignment.
  • Original story plot and professional voice acting. Find notes, diaries, clues and audio logs voiced with several talented actors.
  • High quality and terrifying sound design blended with an original score, all custom made from industry professionals.

So the player has to creep around and grab clues. While working to submit enough forensic evidence collected in the investigation. Meaning the right evidence needs…finding, to uphold a criminal prosecution. Since this somewhat resembles that of Slender Man or maybe even creeping through an Outlastc 2 game.

The games pricing on Steam and discount:

Midnight at the Red Light releases for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. So due note, the games also available with a 30% discount until December 22nd.

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