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Midora will release DRM-Free on Linux

midora release drmfree on linux mac windows pc

Midora, the top-down #adventuregame inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana, will be completely DRM-free on Linux, Mac and Windows, its #developer has promised.

The game will be available in the form of direct downloads via the Humble Store, as well as Steam keys, and both will be given to those that pre-order from the Humble Store. Pre-ordering the game will also allow one to try out the Steam Early Access version of the game.

midora items

An Early Access release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the first of the three dungeons that will be playable in the Early Access build is currently in development. It’s titled “The Solar Temple” and will feature the items you see above. The second dungeon will be titled “The Red Manor”.

Midora is being created alongside the tools being made to facilitate the game’s development. In recent weeks, both the animation editor and the scripting language being used to create the game have seen updates that will make more complex undertakings possible.

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