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Mighty No. 9 is certainly coming with a sequel already planned

Mighty No. 9 has a complicated history and still has not been released. After delays and fan complaints, the #release has been set to a February date. Creator Keiji #Inafune is still confident that the game will do well, so confident that he is already planning a sequel.

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The #interview on PS I Love You XOXO podcast, Inafune answers questions about his upcoming project and the delays. Highlighting that players will feel like they get what they pay for when Mighty No. 9 release, in spite of any negative press. Nine minutes into this interview, Inafune reveals a sequel is in early planning stages.

“We’re already thinking about a sequel to the game, and the director himself is already writing some of the scripts and gathering some ideas. We don’t know when yet, but definitely there will be a sequel coming sometime.”

Inafune also compares Mighty No. 9 to the Mega Man titles that inspired the game, giving insight into the game development process in Japan.

The release is still a couple months away, but Inafune and Comcept have plans to turn the game into a long-running franchise. Mighty No. 9 could have a similar to what Mega Man did. While any support from another Kickstarter will certainly be more challenging the second time.


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