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Mind-Controlled Game, Mind Labyrinth, Comes To Linux

Linux has yet to become a platform for gaming. Ubuntu is doing a decent job by increasing focus on polish and looks of the Debian-based operating system to make to more appealing to users and OEMs. Linux may be missing the high-end games, but there are quite a lot of games that one can play under a GNU/Linux system such as Ubuntu, openSUSE or Linux Mint.

Now, there is game called Mind Labyrinth which uses Neurosky’s Mindwave headset (read our story on how the headset works) to control the game.

MindLabyrinth is a game where you control an old mayan avatar and must solve puzzles to reach Patchamama’s hidden temple. The game is clearly a retro puzzling but it offers as a bonus a unique support for NeuroSky’s MindWave headset – if you own it – to read your brain signals and interpret them. With its retro graphics and old-school mechanisms the game will delight casual as well as old-school gamers. The game itself is linear. You progress through a series of 52 levels of increasing difficulty.


The real fun starts when you use the Mindwave headset, you will have to actually use your brain to make stones move, gears work, etc. The game will even ask you to achieve a meditative state to recover health.

The game will soon be available on Linux desktops including Ubuntu. The company has made available a demo of the game for Linux platform.

Download the demo.

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