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MindSeize 2D Action Adventure on Kickstarter

mindseize 2d action adventure game on kickstarter for linux windows pc

MindSeize is a new 2D action adventure game on Kickstarter for Windows PC, but we have Linux support details. Thanks to developer Kamina Dimension. The crowdfunding campaign is already 30% funded. With a $19,000 USD goal, ending September 27th.

MindSeize is a new 2D action adventure game set in a futuristic universe. Likewise, taking inspiration by series like Metroid, Castlevania and Mega Man X. Exploring is to key to success here. Since the main character is chasing a dangerous organization stealing people’s minds. And also leaving them in a coma.
As a result, the leader of the organization attacks him. Leaving him crippled. And also steals his daughter’s mind. This leaves only one choice for our protagonist. Hire a crew, connect his mind into a robot body and continue the chase.

Linux Support:

We use Unity for MindSeize. So Linux port should not be too difficult task. The only tricky part would be the fact that our Linux experience is very limited. I was able to port a smaller game to Linux earlier. With relatively few problems. So I think it could be done.

While this is good news for MindSeize. Kamina Dimension is a bit leary about confirming support. As a result, they have very little experience with the platform. As explained in the statement above.
However, with the success of porting a smaller game. Chances are we can expect to see a Linux build. And hopefully a day one release for the January 2020 launch.
But of course, this also depends on the success of the Kickstarter. Since this is the 2nd campaign. The last was unsuccessful, back on July 30, 2018. So naturally we are sharing some Tux Love for MindSeize.

MindSeize Kickstarter Trailer

MindSeize gameplay features large areas to explore. While you uncover multiple secrets, enemies and bosses within. You have a gun, a sword and a dash ability. The sword and dashing uses Power. While the gun regenerates it. So be mindful when using the high damage sword or dashing around.

Teemu Nikkarinen is the game designer behind Kamina Dimension. MindSeize is his story style 2D action adventure game. You play as Investigator Fox. The mission, rescue his daughters mind. Which takes Fox all over the universe.

The MindSeize release window is Q1 2020 on Steam. Currently, the game is in development for Windows PC first. With console versions in mind. If the campaign reaches the stretch goal on Kickstarter. Linux support can be in the mix as well.