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Minicology sandbox RPG seeks funding

minicology sandbox rpg game seeks funding for linux mac and windows pc

Minicology sandbox RPG game seeks funding for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the uniquely creative work of developer Isaac Denner. Which is now kicking off its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Take to the stars in Minicology. This is a new sandbox game where you travel through a procedurally generated universe of tiny planets. So you can build bases, defend against invasions, terraform worlds, and engineer solutions to tests. Due to things like farming and mining. Minicology pushes you to have creative solutions to everything. Right from farming to fighting enemies. Coming together in a similar but unique singleplayer game.

According to the campaigns FAQ, Linux and Mac support are coming:

One of my first goals as we move into alpha is also to get it running on Mac / Linux. I, unfortunately, haven’t had a surplus of testers on these platforms. So alpha players on these platforms will be among the first (and might have a few days delay before the alpha is playable vs. PC players.)

Apparently, the Minicology alpha is due in December 2022. To get access, you will have to pledge $30 USD. But at least Linux support is in the mix, somewhere. Since this should spell out day one support for the Q2 2023 release. It’s also being published by Crytivo. While offering a blend of Terraria and RimWorld, both of which have native support. So I’m interested to see how Minicology will stack up to these other sandbox games.

Minicology — Kickstarter Trailer

The Minicology’s event system should keep you on your toes. Due to each planet type have unique simulated weather and event rotations. Since events shift with the seasons, a planet might not be the same the next time you visit. Jungle planets feature dangerous acid rains, while deserts have blinding sandstorms. These certainly leave you fumbling to see. On top of that, certain rare materials will only be available during these dangerous events. Make sure you’re prepared.

As you roam, be careful that you don’t disturb the dangerous predators of the Minicology mini-verse. Well, you’ll probably want to – they’ve got some of the best loot in the galaxy. Combat is also not restricted to weapons. So that players can create weather, automate turrets, and harness the chemistry of gasses. Things like methane, hydrogen, or radon to inflict damage on bosses. Or just morph the world around you.

Other Features:

  • Sandbox style building and terraforming mechanics. Make your planet your way!
  • Survive by hunting, farming, or a mix of the two. Just don’t hunt a species into extinction.
  • Your actions have outcomes: animals can be driven to extinction. Minicology players can also create brutal weather conditions
  • Automate your base: pipe items from chests into furnaces, construct gas pipelines, and irrigate your farms.
  • Dozens of unique events, ranging from meteor showers to invasions
  • 6 Challenging boss battles, with more to come!
  • Collect and farm over 20 animals and dozens of plants
  • Craft accessories, armors, and weapons to flesh out your build
  • Don’t want the stress of survival? Play peaceful and skip the boss-battles, or create a godmode world and try out new ecosystem builds!
  • Don’t lose track of the time! Immersive day/night cycle and seasonal rotation, with unique events tied to each!

Minicology sandbox RPG game’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is live. Due to offering Linux, Mac, and Windows PC support. Plus you can jump into the alpha at the $30 pledge tier. Plus you can Wishlist the game on Steam.

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