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Minit adds new speedrun challenge setting

minit adds new speedrun challenge setting on linux mac windows games

Minit adds a new speedrun challenge setting for Linux, Mac and Windows. So speed players all over will be able to easily track and trace tricky runs with the latest update. Which also includes a discount via Steam.

So while the quick-footed adventure Minit receives a new challenge setting. This will also challenge the community to beat the current world record. With an exclusive ‘Minit Speedrun World Champion’ shirt on the line. The new setting and community challenge are accompanied by a 25% discount right now on Steam. While GOG and Humble Store still do not show the discount.

Availability will vary by region during the community challenge.

The Speedrun Community Event runs from October 4 through November 5. While featuring two categories: Any % / Normal Mode.
Also the fastest possible run on normal mode with no requirements for completion percentage. Current world record 6:56.83.

Minit Speedrun Any% Normal 06:56.83

110% / Fewest Runs: The fewest lives to get to 110% completion on normal mode. Current world record is 34 runs.

Minit Speedrun 110% Normal 17:48.73

The winner of each run will receive a custom Minit Speedrun World Champion shirt. Also a plush, and a Devolver Digital game pack. Details and rules can we found at the speedrun website. So it would be great to have the Linux community in the mix.

So jump right in! Beside a new challenge setting, comes fixes and tweaks, there are a few more languages too.
So do you think you know the games dialog by heart? Now’s the chance to learn Japanese, Simplified Chinese or Korean.

Discount for Linux, Mac, Windows

Minit is available now Steam with a 25% discount, that’s $7.49 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows. This discount is also running until October 11th. Which is supposed to be available on both GOG and Humble Store as well.

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