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Minotaur Princess puzzle fighter to get a port

minotaur princess puzzle fighter rpg game is is due to get a linux port with mac and windows pc

Minotaur Princess puzzle fighter RPG game is due to get a Linux port with Mac and Windows PC. According to the recent details from developer Bunnies4peace Studios. Working to make its way onto Steam this fall.

Minotaur Princess is the story of Atrea. Also once a beautiful princess gets her body swapped with a minotaur. Due to being exiled to a land far away. So now, she must Take on a journey to find herself (literally) and take back her homeland.

Minotaur Princess is set to release tentatively this fall 2022 in early access on Steam, and prospectively Linux at some point.

In Minotaur Princess you will have to earn new items and abilities. All so you can customize your moveset before combat. Getting ready to face a myriad of enemies, all with different strengths and abilities of their own. If you’re a fan of RPGs, puzzle fighters, or exiled princesses trapped in a minotaur’s body, then you’re in the right place. Since the game is due to make its way onto Linux (at some point). Due note, development is using GameMaker Studio 2. This also means that Proton support should work via Early Access. But first, take a look at the PAX West footage to see some gameplay.

Minotaur Princess with Developer Charles

Intense Combat

  • The combination of turn based attack planning and real time combat. This gives you time to plan your attack in Minotaur Princess while having you react to combat situations in real time.
  • Utilize 100+ different attacks and abilities to conquer your foes.
  • Meet over a 100 unique characters, some will be friends, most will be foes.
  • Explore the 7 realms of Urasha, each with their own subculture. While offering their own test to your goal of reuniting…with yourself.
  • Control your fate in combat: Skill matters. The difference between a poor and perfectly executed fire spell is the difference. Doing so between sending a small flame and summoning a ruining meteor from the heavens.
  • Summon familiars to fight by your side. While you pray to your deity to grant you strength, throw snowballs (with rocks) at your enemies, and beat with your hammer. With dozens of different abilities in Minotaur Princess, you can create your own personal combat style.
  • Each ability has four tiers of with varying degrees of power depending on your skill

Competitive Multiplayer

  • Play against friends in VS mode.
  • Choose between over a dozen characters in Minotaur Princess. Each with their own move sets.
  • Three different VS modes of combat allow for a multitude of ways to beat the crap out of your friends!

Minotaur Princess is puzzle fighter RPG game. Due to release onto Steam Early Access on Windows PC. Then at some point, Linux support too. So be sure to Wishlist the game to be notified. Also, check out the official website for more details.

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