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Mission Attack Gaming with Chicken Invaders 2 for Windows PC, Mac and Linux

Chickens and chickens, there are chickens all over the place. The most loved bird by the people of the world as the food for the dinner and lunch has become the threat to the people of the planet. The people here are frightened off by the attack of chicken. The chickens here are the threat, but not food.

They are coming to kill you, the people of the earth and to make you their food. They are in a mood to take revenge on their species, and the sole defender f the planet is you. You have to save the earth from the various attacks and strategies that have been taken by the chickens to finish off this planet.

Their invasion to the solar system has been an organized one where they are taking each planet with a shock. Your job is not ended with the saving of the earth only. Fly your spaceship out in the space to fend off the chicken army from all those planets that they have taken control off 9n the solar system. The game can be played single handedly as well as can be played with two players.

Thus the game has gained a lovely response from the players from across the globe. Go on, fight off your way through the chicken army and their weapons of falling eggs as well as those e waves they create with their army in to the space.

The game is a fast paced one with a lot of action involved in the whole gaming. The game is based on the modes of arcade gaming, where the gamer has to fight off the enemy force to save the planet. Though based on an old theme, the whole new thing is the presence of the chicken as the enemy line of force.

While there are various other levels and stage to be played for Chicken Invaders, which you can find out on their site.

The weapons of them are not any fire power or those plasma guns that are very common in these types of games. But rather the chickens throw those eggs of themselves to you spaceship. Apparently it seems to be a harmless one. But with each hit your ship takes on its body, the health is going to get reduced.

The ch9ickens are not from the earth, but are the brethrens of them, from those e intergalactic forces which have came to the solar plant to take the revenge on the human race which has used them as their food from the time immemorial.

A funny game with a serious underlying theme, the game is a lovely one with a superb game play, where the controls are quite easy one and also it doesn’t require any special things in your PC. Go and download the game from

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