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Mist Guard action RPG Demo is coming

mist guard action rpg game port is doable for linux with windows pc

Mist Guard action RPG game Demo is coming to Linux with Windows PC. Which is the creative work of indie game developer Edudelm. Working to make its way onto Steam later this year.

Indie game studio Edudelm will be launching Mist Guard in Q4 of 2022. Offering players a chance to jump into the action-packed RPG. One Where you have to escape a dark, mysterious prison. While exploring, fighting enemies, and upgrading your character to escape.

Edudelm just forwarded another email replying to Linux support. Since the game engine being used is Unity 3D. There is also a new Demo coming in a few weeks. Clearly, even with limited experience, Edudelm is able to create a native build. Not just opting for Proton. You have to give credit for the effort.

Mist Guard – Official Teaser

In Mist Guard, you just woke up in a dark prison. Without memories, but with one objective: to escape. You’ll have to face multiple enemies while crossing dark corridors and solve puzzles to proceed.

Originally known as Prisoner, the game was well-received by players. Also receiving about 5K downloads with no marketing. Currently, a downloadable version of Prisoner is available on Gamejolt and But Windows PC only.


  • Choose how to play: Upgrade your health, attack, and other abilities in Mist Guard. All due to fit your playstyle.
  • Solve the mystery: There’s an unfamiliar voice guiding you. Who is that?
  • Explore the prison: To assure your survival, you must explore to get upgrades and stay alive!
  • Defeat enemies and bosses: In Mist Guard you’ll have to defeat the guards of the prison and some more powerful foes.

Mist Guard action RPG is coming in Q4 of 2022. The upcoming Demo is due to release on both Linux and Windows PC, in a few weeks. So, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.