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Mistlands update details coming for Valheim

mistlands update details coming for valheim as the game grows on linux and windows pc

Mistlands update details coming for Valheim as the game continues to grow on Linux and Windows PC. All thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Iron Gate. Which is available on Steam Early Access and via Humble Store.

Iron Gate Studio, the developers behind the hit Viking game Valheim, shared a developer blog. One that highlights new changes and discusses Mistlands and the team’s plans in the months ahead. Mistlands, will be the next big biome update for the game.

While the groundwork for the Mistlands is in development. Now some of the team are having a look at smaller updates. A biome update takes quite a while to develop, so smaller updates will make more sense. Currently, the Iron Gate dungeon master Erik is teaming up with the art department to work on something. While trying to make the Mountains a bit more interesting. Since there are those who like to explore new places. There is no final version of what this will look like yet. But there is some Mistlands concept art to convey the general feeling.

mistlands screenshot for valheim on linux and windows pc

Here’s a short overview of what the Dev Blog and Mistlands:

  • Hearth & Home was a major milestone for Iron Gate. Although there might be additional tweaks and small updates on its way. The team is now focusing on Mistlands
  • Mistlands is currently in development by a majority of the team. Iron Gate has shared an in-progress screenshot of how things are looking at the moment. While this isn’t the final look of Mistlands, the team is deep in development and hopes to share more updates soon.
  • Future Mountains biome additions teasing in the Dev Blog – two new concept art screenshots are coming in a mysterious new place that players will get to explore in the Mountains.
  • A reddit AMA with the dev team will be announced in the coming days where they will do their best to answer community questions regarding Hearth & Home, Mistlands and Valheim as a whole.

Valheim Hearth & Home – Out now

While the Mistlands update is coming for Valheim. The games still going strong on Steam Early Access and via Humble Store. Priced at $19.99 USD, with support for Linux and Windows PC.

mistlands one more screenshot for valheim on linux and windows pc

mistlands another screenshot for valheim on linux and windows pc