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Mistlands update goes live for Valheim

mistlands update goes live for valheim across both linux and windows pc

Mistlands game update goes live for Valheim across both Linux and Windows PC. Which is the result of the efforts of the developer Iron Gate. Which is available with a bigger discount on Steam Early Access and Humble Store.

Iron Gate os beyond eager to unveil a new cinematic trailer by BRIKK Animation. Due to celebrating the full release of Valheim’s first biome update, the Mistlands. Vikings around the world can now peer beyond the ancient veil. Due to venture forth into the fog to discover what lies within.

Mistlands is Valheim’s largest biome to date and brings a wide variety of new additions. First and foremost, a new magic system is being introduced. Vikings can now harvest either, an ancient essence found in the roots of the Yggdrasil World Tree, and consume it to gain the ability to wield fire, ice, and power over life and death. Players must harness this power by crafting different staffs, with an array of destruction. Along with a range of protection and necromantic conduits to choose from.

Valheim: Mistlands Animated Release Trailer

As with every biome, new weapons, armour, building pieces, and other resources have been added. Black marble is coming in as the new building material. Which is also similar to ancient dwarven ruins that players can find in the new biome. A new weapon type is incoming, too – The Arbalest, a hefty crossbow that knocks back enemies. The weapon is also perfect for keeping foes at an arm’s length. That and much more come with the Mistlands update. Right from new additions to interior decoration to nine new weapons and two armour sets. While including contraptions to bolster your settlement’s defences.

Friends and foes await in the impenetrable mist. The Mistlands are teeming with ancient history and magics, and creatures living in this realm are ancient, too. A range of new enemies will challenge Vikings on ground and in the air. But those in need are due to find shelter in the ancient dvergr structures scattered across the biome. Players will also encounter dvergr allies, Valheim’s first friendly faction, on their adventures.

Valheim Mistlands is also available on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Along with a 30% discount, dropping the price to $13.99 USD / £10.84 / 13,99€. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. The game is also Steam Deck Verified.

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